PS License No. Q-0223 (ISO 9001:2008). Liquid type, imported Hexafluoropropane clean extinguishing agent chemical, 100% purity, DTI BPS fire rating 2A; 2BC approved, electrically non-conductive, non-residual, colorless and odorless, zero ozone depletion, environment friendly, equipped with pressure gauge for visual inspection with brass valve and heavy duty air hose, discharge as fluid and flashes to gas, providing an increase effective fire fighting range, requires no cleanup after discharge. It does not damage sensitive and irreplaceable materials and facilities. Recommended for A, B & C classes of fires. Best for industrial and commercial fire protection needs such as computer centers, data / document storage areas, communication facilities, hospital operating and control rooms, galleries, laboratories and museums.


  • Capacity 10LBS (4.5K)
    Brand Fire Control